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December 2019 Wine Fund ROI Report

VCM Celebrates success if 2019 high return wine investments funds

The best investors have a disciplined approach to making portfolio decisions, and always stick to their plan, ... This month VCM celebrates two very significant anniversaries. ... We should expect much higher returns in the future of our wine and vineyard investment funds in 2020

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VCM Celebrates success if 2019 high return wine investments funds

Strong 2019 Finish

We are still completing all the end of the year accounting but at this moment it appearers we smashed all of our 2019 goals! VCM will prepare a separate more in-depth end of year report in the next two weeks that will be much more detailed for final numbers.

Our start of the year assets under management AUM goal was €20 million and we eclipsed that easily and now have €30 million in assets under management AUM.

We launched several new funds and partnerships in 2019 that will continue to strengthen VCM position in the wine and vineyard investment markets along with our international wine sales.

Vini Sileo Vineyard

Our Vini Sileo Vineyard has exceeded all of our wildest expectations in 2019!

We were able to purchase  more land to add to the French Vineyard estate along with a small 1500 century home. We are in the planning stages for the old home that needs a lot of TLC. The plan is to renovate this house and turn it into our tasting room on the first floor. Along with apartments for guest on the second floor.

We also just found out last week that the neighbors next to our main villa are interested in selling us an additional 10 hectors of prime Vineyard land. We are in negations for this property now. We hope to have this land purchase in time to plant new vines this spring.

VCM Strengths at a glance

Our Strong Points

Vinito Capital Management (VCM) equity funds are designed to preserve and grow our clients capital, provide financial security for retirees, sovereign wealth funds, and other institutional and individual investors, and contribute to overall international economic growth. VCM is the world’s leading crowd investing platforms for wine funds as an alternative investment. We seek to create positive economic impact and long-term value for our investors. We build and manage premium wine funds to help our clients reach their financial goals.

Total Assets Under Management
€30 M
Year To Date ROI
Month to Date Average ROI
3.5% All Funds
Active Funds

News & Announcements

Investment Subscriptions

NEW Monthly Investment Subscriptions – VCM has been working in several emerging markets and this is helping VCM to create new innovative investment programs for our clients. One new program we will be starting within the next month is our new investment by subscription program. You will be able open or add to your investment account via credit / debit card for the amount you select.

Investment Subscriptions is a great way to start investing with VCM as the initial investment amount is low and your monthly investment subscription is low as well. This new program allows investors that are nervous to start investing in wine, but still would like to try it to understand better how it works. This program also opens up our investment platform to new markets that would not normally have the capital to open a traditional account with VCM. 

Luxury Lifestyle Investments

Georgia Land Purchase

VCM is very proud to announce our latest expansion a new state of the art vineyard operation in the country of Georgia. The land purchased is 50 hectors, very below fair market value. 

The Georgia land purchase is a very strategic transaction to help us start innovative new brands that will be easier to offer to China and Russian markets in the future.  


List of some VCM accomplishments this month and for the year. 

A Look Ahead

A few of the projects we are working on at Vinito Capital Management to always innovative and stay ahead of the markets. 

Vinito Capital Management / VCM Wine Vineyard Investment 2019 Travel Snapshot.

Thanks to all of our amazing wine buyers, investors, and partners, Vinito Capital Management had a year that exceed all expectations. This video is just a small taste of the exciting adventures we had in 2019.

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Vini Sileo Vineyard

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