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FAQ VCM High Return Investment Funds

Fund FAQs. Here we seek to address some frequently asked questions about funds. Investing in high return wine and vineyard funds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the questions VCM Gets asked most often
about our wine and vineyard High Yield funds

Account Opening

You can get started as an investor with Vinito Capital Management (VCM) by contacting us via email, Skype or WhatsApp. Contact Us

VCM is a boutique investment platform. The entire account creation and investment process is completed by humans. VCM is more focused on excellent customer service for our clients over advanced automation and cold investing processes.

Open a free account online NOW

Any person from any country as long as it does not break any, international or local laws, unaccredited or accredited investors, over the age of 18 can currently invest.

We currently support personal investment accounts, joint accounts, and certain entity accounts (Trusts, Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships, Offshore Corporations, Blind Filings, C Corporations, and S Corporations).

VCM has teamed up with Rocketdollar to allow you to invest self directed 401k & IRA funds in diversified commercial vineyard real estate investments. To offer VCM investors this tax-advantaged option, Rocketdollar $50 signup discount to VCM vineyard eREIT funds clients. Click here to get started.

Yes. We are working closely with several groups in Australia and New Zealand to streamline this process. 

Developed Countries /USA, EU, England, ect.) : €5000

Developing Countries / Nigeria, Thailand, Mexico, Libya ect.) : Contact us 

Subsequent Added Funds: €100

Yes!  WE are one of the few international investment funds in the world that you can fund your account with a credit or debit card from anywhere in the world. 

Get started now! 

After your account is open you can add funds anytime you like of €100 or more. We also have a monthly subscription program that allows investors to add to their investment each month. You can use ACH, Bitcoins, Debit or Credit Card to invest in VCM Wine Smart Funds. 

VCM offers two types of funds. The first is an aggressive high yield wine fund, and the second is a more traditional vineyard real estate fund. 

Investors can choose to maximize income, long-term growth, or balanced diversification through selecting a plan. Our technology enabled management service allows you to allocate new funds across available investments in a way to help you best meet your goals. Income-focused portfolios will generally be more heavily allocated toward wine investment funds, while growth-focused portfolios will generally be more heavily allocated toward equity investments in real estate assets in our vineyard funds.

Investor Basics

Investors on VCM platform are allocated across a diversified mix of our high yield, low risk , wine and vineyard fund eRIETs offerings  — are portfolios wine assets and commercial vineyard real estate assets located throughout the United States, France, Italy, Georgia and Singapore. Your allocation across our Smart Funds offerings is based on your tailored investment plan. To see more detail on your investments, please visit wine funds and vineyard funds

Fees vary based on the funds and the rage is 5-7% annually. VCM offers seeder rounds for its high yield investment funds and in the seeder rounds investors management fees are waived for the life of the investment. 

Before opening an account with VCM you will receive all investment fund documentation, PPM, and an investment agreement outlining all details of your investment. 

Once your account is open you will receive our monthly investment report and your personal monthly account statement to track your investments. 

While the amount and timing of an investor’s return will vary depending on their selected fund and the investments within their portfolio, generally speaking VCM investments are meant to be long-term and illiquid in nature. Any potential returns are expected to be paid out in two ways (i) via quarterly distributions and (ii) via appreciation in asset value at the end of the asset’s investment term. While most investors can expect to receive a quarterly distribution, distributions may be more or less frequent depending on an investor’s overall portfolio allocation, market conditions, and other factors. All distributions will be deposited into your primary bank account on file. Note that actual results may be different for each investor and there can be no guarantee of enhanced returns due to investing on Vinito Capital Management or the use of VCM recommendations.

The VCM platform provides direct communication with investors, including monthly reporting and updates on the status of your investment and the assets within your portfolio.

Each VCM wine and vineyard high yield investment has adopted a redemption plan whereby an investor may obtain liquidity based on the outline in your investment agreement, following a minimum sixty day waiting period after submitting their redemption request, subject to certain limitations.

Yes. Your monthly earnings are automatically reinvested to the your selected funds. 

Yes, after placing your first investment you can place as many subsequent follow-up investments as you would like. VCM even offers a monthly investment subscription program where you can fund your account with debit / credit card. 

Manual investments on our platform are not automatically recurring. However, if you wish to set up a schedule of automatically recurring monthly or bi-monthly investments, you may do so by enabling the auto-invest feature in your account settings.

Yes based on the investment agreement at the start of your account.

Investment Offerings

VCM high yield wine funds are a good mix of high return with lower risk. Think of wine as an asset like real estate. Through our extensive network we can source and buy investment grade French wines for 20-30% of wholesale market value. 

We have 3rd party escrow agents verify all wines before we buy them. Once bought we ship the wines to Freeport warehouse around the world to freeze any tax consequences. 

VCM then packages these wines into investment funds and offers them as alternative investment.  We have a large network of wholesale buyers specifically in Russia and China that are always looking to buy investment grade French wines. 

A VCM Vineyard High Yield eFund (short for electronic Fund) is a type of online alternative investment available exclusively through Vinito Capital Management. An eFund is a professionally managed, diversified portfolio of commercial vineyard real estate assets, located in USA, France, Italy, Portugal, Georgia and India. Unlike publicly traded residential and commercial real estate, eFunds are structured as partnerships, not corporations, and therefore are not subject to the same double taxation. VCM eFunds are offered directly to investors via the VCM website, without any brokers or selling commissions.

You can earn money through wine sales, vineyard income, as well as potential appreciation in value of the properties and wines themselves. As a shareholder, you are entitled to your pro-rata portion of any income earned and distributed. You may receive periodic distributions as certain underlying wines and vineyards are sold. However, actual results may be different for each investor and there can be no guarantee of enhanced returns due to investing on VCM or the use of VCM recommendations.

VCM investments are intended to be long-­term investments and are inherently illiquid in nature. Each vineyard eREIT and wine fund plans to look for opportunities to provide liquidity to its investors after approximately one to five years of operations. While each vineyard and wine fund expects to seek a liquidity transaction in this time frame, there can be no assurance that a suitable transaction will be available or that market conditions for a transaction will be favorable during that time frame.

We also offer quarterly yield payments so investors can have incoming return from their investments if they choose. 

See VCM Performance HERE. 

*Based on past performance*


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FAQ VCM High Yield wine vineyard investment funds

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FAQ VCM High Return Investment Funds
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