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Assurance of flexibility and security

In terms of crowd investment in wine funds, Vinito Capital Management is the leading platform in the world. The funds provided by the company are known for their long-term value and economic impact. The company designs and manages wine funds, which makes the road to alternative investment easy for interested investors.

VCM wine funds are liquid along with high yield, at the same time our policies are not as restrictive for investors and withdrawal as most other investments. VCM Wine and Vineyard Funds not only offer high yields and safety we also offer what most investors dream of from their investments, easy and flexible liquidity.

Spring is in the air at Vini Sileo Vineyard

Our Vini Sileo Vineyard has had a busy winter and now spring will really kick things into gear.

 Vini Sileo Vineyard is already preparing the new 10 hectors of land for planting the new vines. The land is being cleared and prepped for our first official planting.

Also under way is the construction and renovations for the 15th century house that will become our wine tasting room and sales center. 

We want to thank everyone that has been such a big help to us on this project there is a-lot more to come!



VCM Strengths at a glance

Our Strong Points

Vinito Capital Management (VCM) equity funds are designed to preserve and grow our clients capital, provide financial security for retirees, sovereign wealth funds, and other institutional and individual investors, and contribute to overall international economic growth. VCM is the world’s leading crowd investing platforms for wine funds as an alternative investment. We seek to create positive economic impact and long-term value for our investors. We build and manage premium wine funds to help our clients reach their financial goals.

Total Assets Under Management
€30 M
Year To Date ROI
Month to Date Average ROI
3.5% All Funds
Active Funds
VCM News 5 reasons to invest in wine and vineyard funds.jpg
Lafite Rothschild High Yield Wine Investment Funds

News & Announcements

coronavirus and market fears

VCM and Coronavirus – Naturally we have a lot of incoming concerns about coronavirus and impacts on investments with VCM wine and vineyard funds. We are happy to report one of the most attractive aspects of VCM wine and vineyard funds is the ability to  overcome down markets. Based on past performance in down trending markets our funds usually have a 6 month  performance buffer before we see major downturns. We know things a re a little stressful at the moment with Coronavirus and unstable markets, but don’t lose sleep about your investments with VCM, its business as usual for us. 

NEW Monthly Investment Subscriptions – VCM has been working in several emerging markets and this is helping VCM to create new innovative investment programs for our clients. One new program we will be starting within the next month is our new investment by subscription program. You will be able open or add to your investment account via credit / debit card for the amount you select.

Luxury Lifestyle Investments

VCM Now Accepts Credit Cards

At Vinito Capital Management, we get asked frequently whether we accept credit card financing on investments. ​The answer is YES​. We believe investing should be ​accessible to everyone​, no matter your means of financing. This is why you can now use a credit card to invest in our globally top-awarded alternative investment funds​ in fine wine and vineyards.

Credit card financing makes it easier for some people to invest, which increases the ​equitability of our funds. At most other investment firms in the world, you need to wire money from your bank account to the fund in order to make your investments. However, this can be limiting for certain people for whom wiring money out of their country is difficult or dangerous


List of some VCM accomplishments this month and for the year. 

A Look Ahead

A few of the projects we are working on at Vinito Capital Management to always innovative and stay ahead of the markets. 

Watch our short explainer video to learn more about the exciting and profitable world of wine and vineyard investment funds. 

Wine & Vineyard Top Hedge Fund High Return Performance Award

VCM Wine Funds ROI February 2020

From Bordeaux With Love 19-023

2019 ROI 42.25%

For Your Lips Only 10-023-010

2019 ROI 43.91%

One Glass is Not Enough 10-023-1000

2019 ROI 59.40%

SIPP With Benefits

2019 ROI 10.15%

Vini Sileo Vineyard

2019 ROI 7.92%

New Funds

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op Awarded Alternative Investment Fund Now Allows Credit Cards to Open Account

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