New 007 Wine Investmetn Fund

We’ll have what James Bond is having!

If you’ve been considering securing an alternative asset hedge fund, No Time to Die could just be the one you’ve been waiting for. Made up of two of the best wines on earth, their finite supply and growing demand mean that these rare gems are only going to continue growing in value.

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10 of the world’s largest wine and spirits expos that were planned to take place in 2020

2020 Coronavirus Status on 10 Global Wine & Spirits Expos

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the world to a screeching halt, and the wine industry is no exception. With coronavirus deaths in Europe surpassing those in China, and countries like Italy, France, and Spain being placed on mandated country-wide lockdowns, the Old World is feeling the heat.

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Top High Yield Investment Funds Wine and Vineyards VCM

February 2020 High Yield Fund ROI Report

In just three months, from September to November 2019, our One Glass is Not Enough fund moved from #3 to #1 on this list. This ranking shows that our funds are consistently among the best performing high yield alternative investments in the world.​ One Glass is Not Enough had an astonishing ​59.4% ROI ​for 2019.

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If Tesla can do it, so can VCM - but better

If Tesla Stock Can Do It With cybertruck, So Can VCM – But Better

On Monday, Elon Musk’s famed electric car company, Tesla, had the ​biggest one-day return in six years ​and in just the first month of 2020, Tesla stocks had already doubled.

If a car company gets returns like that, ​it is no shock or surprise that fine wine investing with Vinito Capital Management can return 2-4% per month​.

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