May 2020 High Yield Fund ROI Report

New 007 Wine Investmetn Fund

The VCM Muti-­Strategy Fund is a diversified fund that seeks to achieve attractive long­term risk­ adjusted returns with low correlation to major market indices through dynamic capital allocation among a changing set of premium wine funds and vineyard funds operated by VCM. Additionally, the fund can also directly invest a small amount of its assets in the very best private deals.

April 2020 High Yield Fund ROI Report

VCM Multi Strategy Flagship Fund Report

Most of us, even if we have turned off our news notifications to avoid an overload of depressing Coronavirus updates, know that the market has taken a significant downturn in the past 10 weeks. There is already a Wikipedia page for “2020 stock market crash” – and we’re not out of the woods yet.

March 2020 High Yield Fund ROI Report

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We know many of you are dealing with way more pressing matters than wine funds at the moment and our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family’s. 

Coronavirus Infected Financial Market, 4 Possible Cures

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4 Reasons Why A Coronavirus Infected Financial Market Is the Best Time To Invest In Fine Wine and Vineyards. Fine wine investments are a good idea in down times like these because they “hedge” against drastic market changes like a recession or inflation.