Elon Musk and tesla surge with china factory and cybertruck!

If Tesla Stock Can Do It With cybertruck, So Can VCM - But Better

If Tesla can do it, so can VCM - but better

On Monday, Elon Musk’s famed electric car company, Tesla, had the ​biggest one-day return in six years ​and in just the first month of 2020, Tesla stocks had already doubled.

If a car company gets returns like that, ​it is no shock or surprise that fine wine investing with Vinito Capital Management can return 2-4% per month​.

It might sound like TSLA is the better investment choice, but all that glitters is not gold. The problem lies in what’s called a “short squeeze.” This is what happens when a lot of short-sellers buy at the same time, which drives up demand and makes the share prices sky rocket. The problem is that ​a “short squeeze” is ​SHORT​; it doesn’t last.​ A bubble like this will eventually burst – and it did. On Wednesday, just three days after Tesla had their best day in six years, TSLA stocks dropped 17%, losing $5.9 billion.

Poor Elon Musk sank to number 25 on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. And poor investors who bet against Tesla are ​down $8.3 billion this year alone – and it’s only the beginning of February​.

When you’re investing in a luxury asset class, you want ​consistency​. You want​ security​. And you want ​long-term profits​. That’s what you’ll get when you invest with us.

Vinito Capital Management is  rated among the ​top alternative investment funds in the world​. Our alternative investment fund “One Glass is Not Enough,” which is backed by more than $1 million USD in French fine wines, has recently been ranked ​#1 in Morgan Hedge Fund’s list of top 10 alternative hedge funds in the last 36 months. ​At the close of 2019, this fund had a ​59.4% return on investment​.

Fine wine investing delivers consistent returns and can even be considered a “hedge fund” as prices of fine wine portfolios generally remain ​independent of financial market downturns.​ In this graph, it’s clear that fine wine portfolios remained stronger than traditional equity or real estate market stocks during the financial market crisis of 2008.

fine wine outperforms stock market

The experts say it best. Watch Elroy Dimson, Professor at the Cambridge Judge Business School, explain how wine has consistently performed better than gold, fine art, or government bonds and how it can be used to diversify your assets.

If we look closer at the numbers, the Fine Wine market is nearly unparalleled in returns. ​Since 1988, fine wine has appreciated 1474%​, which is almost twice as much as the Dow Jones (783%), and nearly 87 times as much as the UK real estate market (17%).

In the last five years, the Liv-Ex Fine Wine 1000 index shows returns of nearly 41%. And if you look at the Burgundy 150 index, of which our funds contain many of the same wines, ​it has a five year return of an incredible 82%!

So, if you’re looking to invest in an alternative asset class, consider the numbers. Consider volatility. Consider consistent returns. ​Consider fine wine investing with Vinito Capital Management.

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