VCM ​#1 in Morgan Hedge Fund’s top 10 list of alternative hedge funds.

One Glass is Not Enough… but it ​IS​ enough to rank us ​#1 in Morgan Hedge Fund’s list of top 10 alternative hedge funds in the last 36 months.

In just three months, from September to November 2019, our One Glass is Not Enough fund moved from #3 to #1 on this list. This ranking shows that our funds are consistently among the best performing high yield alternative investments in the world.​ One Glass is Not Enough had an astonishing ​59.4% ROI ​for 2019. ​Et oui…

These numbers are nearly unparalleled in any investment market (alternative or traditional). For example, a study by the Stanford Graduate School of Business showed a four-decade average return of only ​6.5%​ on fine art. They even write, “The returns of fine art have been significantly overestimated, and the risk, underestimated.”

In terms of more traditional asset classes, like regular market stocks, the numbers are hardly better than for fine art. At its best annual return since 2013, the S&P 500 showed a 2019 market return of ​28.5%​, less than half of what our funds returned.

So why do our funds perform so much better than others? The answer is simple – ​our funds are made up of the best and highest demanded wines in the world. ​Our One Glass is Not Enough fund is backed by one million euros (that’s more than $1.1 million USD) worth of wine bottles, including Bordeaux’s most acclaimed Premier Grand Cru Classé wines like ​Chateau Margaux​ and ​Chateau Latour​. This classification, given to only five chateaux, is reserved for the highest standard of wines in Bordeaux.

But looking beyond the numbers, why should you trust the wines that make up our funds? Because these wines are timeless and trustworthy.​ Because of the savoir-faire of these winemakers, passed down from generation to generation over the last 700 years, mixed with their innovation and forward thinking. Why did our One Glass is Not Enough fund have a nearly 60% ROI last year? Because the world trusts these names.

Our high yield wine investments can be used to diversify your profile. And why stop at wines? You can diversify even further by investing in our organic vineyard, ​Vini Sileo Vineyard​, located in France’s​ ​Franche-Comté-Bourgogne region. In 2019, this fund was ranked #13 in Morgan Hedge Fund’s list of top 20 private equity funds in the last 36 months.

The year 2020 has hardly just begun – and we’re already feeling the momentum. One glass really won’t be enough.


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