Vinito Capital Management announces SumZero partnership

VCM A fine wine and real estate vineyard investment company is partnering with SumZero, the world’s largest investment industry community

Lugano Switzerland: Vinito Capital Management (VCM) is announcing a new partnership with the esteemed SumZero, the world’s largest community of investment professionals working with hedge funds, mutual funds, and private equity funds. This partnership includes the listing of VCM proprietary research on its Multi-Strategy fund, backed by diversified fine wine and vineyard securities, as well as its VXC coin.

SumZero was co-founded by Harvard graduate Divya Narendra, a leading tech legend known for his involvement in the source code and ideas in the early days of Facebook. Fittingly, SumZero is like a peer-reviewed, credible social network for investment professionals.

SumZero offers a massive database of investment research for over 16,000 fund managers and professional buy-side investors. This research “cuts through the noise that pervades the industry and provides its community with in-depth, actionable investment research and data.” Members gain transparent access to thousands of proprietary investment reports every year by sharing their own research to the rest of the community.

This mentality of transparency and sharing data across the industry is one of the defining pillars of SumZero. Sharing proprietary insights goes against industry norms and behavioral dispositions, as Narendra highlights. But this avant-garde approach has helped lead to its constant growth since 2014, with an average of 300 new contributing analysts each year.   

An exciting facet of SumZero is its Cap Intro initiative, which is a reverse-solicitation platform that connects funds with over 300 institutional lending providers for the mutual purpose of capital allocation. Since 2014, SumZero has facilitated the placement of over half a billion dollars in allocations.

At VCM, we are thrilled to be partnering with SumZero for these added benefits:

Increased industry reputation

To be a part of the SumZero community is already a testament to our business acumen. Members are highly vetted before being accepted.

Expanded transparency and exposure

For our Multi-Strategy Funds and VXC coin to have their own fund pages means full transparency for potential investors and capital allocators. Performance tracking means that our award-winning MS Fund, for example, will be published for an audience of 16,000 – thus increasing our exposure in the industry.

New opportunities for capital allocation

This partnership with SumZero will enable our Multi-Strategy Fund and our VXC cryptocurrency coin to reach a vast audience of not only professional investors seeking vetted, honest fund data, but also a network of pre-qualified lending providers who can opt to allocate capital to our funds. The end goal is to generate a larger base of wealth backing your investments with Vinito Capital Management.

To learn more about SumZero, please contact Erick Sabelskjold (er[email protected]) or visit the SumZero website.

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